Investing in Dutch mortgages

We have been providing home mortgages in the Dutch market for more than 60 years. Having kept those loans for ourselves for many years, we opened up the option to invest in a.s.r. mortgage loans to external investors a few years ago. Mortgage loans are a good investment for professional investors. Dutch home mortgages have a low risk profile and historically very low loan losses.

Compared with mortgage loans in other European countries, Dutch home mortgages are relatively attractive for an institutional investment portfolio. We therefore consider Dutch mortgages a reliable addition to a fixed income portfolio. a.s.r. also stands out from other mortgage lenders in the market in terms of its mortgage funds’ ESG profile. See also our brochure via this link.

Our experienced mortgage team manages two funds

  1. ASR Mortgage Fund
  2. ASR Separate Account Mortgage Fund

Both mortgage funds invest in a cross-section of recently provided a.s.r. mortgage loans. This way, you enjoy all the benefits of a.s.r.’s long track record as a provider and manager of, and professional investor in, mortgage loans. Click the buttons at the top of the page for more information.

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The a.s.r. mortgages are provided and managed by mortgage lender a.s.r. Leven, which is part of our parent company a.s.r. Nederland.

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