Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing

Investing in a sustainable world

We invest sustainably. We pursue not just financial but also social return. For us, sustainable investment is not an end but a means to create a better world. That is why we always invest with a view to tomorrow.

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Ambitious carbon reduction target

We are proud of our ambitious carbon reduction target for all major asset classes. The latest IPCC report once again stressed that the planet cannot sustain current levels of fossil fuel consumption. As a portfolio manager with a long term vision, we want to take action by means of an exit strategy for our fossil investments.

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Sustainable investment policy

Our investment policy is focused on the future. For this reason, we choose our investments carefully. We invest mainly close to home. In businesses and countries that meet social and sustainability criteria. We exclude those that do not make the cut. That is why you will not find any arms, tobacco or major polluters among our investments.

Sustainable investment policy


In 2018, the European Commission introduced an action plan for sustainable finance: the Sustainable Finance Action Plan. This plan aims to encourage the financial sector to invest more in activities that are sustainable and focused on the longer term. One of the European regulations resulting from the action plan is the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Its objective is to improve the disclosure of sustainable investments within the financial sector. We take the main adverse impacts on sustainability factors into account in our investment decisions. Read more about how we do this below.

About SFDR

Active ownership

We engage with the businesses we invest in to discuss how to increase social and sustainable returns in the long run. And we let our voice be heard at shareholders’ meetings. We take our responsibility as a shareholder seriously, and actively perform our shareholder role.

About active ownership


Do you want to know more about our SRI policy, active ownership or our publications? All our disclosures, reports, agreements and documents can be found in our database.

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We find it important to show that our role as a sustainable investor comes with responsibilities, and we report transparently on what we do. We also frequently join sector-wide initiatives to increase our impact where possible. Below is a list of the agreements and initiatives we have endorsed.


Quarterly reports

Every quarter, we provide an update on sustainable investment developments: where we currently stand with regard to our carbon footprint, our voting behaviour at AGMs and new engagements we have entered into, for example. You can find our quarterly reports in the knowledge base.

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This team knows all the ins and outs of sustainable investing

Sustainable investment

We invest responsibly, securely and sustainably without losing sight of investment income. All investments are checked against the ESG criteria based on the a.s.r. SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) policy. Countries and businesses that do not make the cut are excluded.

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Raquel Criado Larrea

Head of Sustainable Investments

Raquel is responsible for SRI policy and implementation at ASR Nederland.

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