Investment strategies

Investment strategies

Seeking sustainable returns

Sustainability and returns are mutually complementary in our investment strategy. For 300 years, we have been investing to create sustainable value for our clients. Generating returns without losing sight of the environment, society and economic impact. We tread carefully and will always be selective whenever opportunities arise.

This is how it works: Our strategy is informed by the notion that in the long run, businesses that are wholly committed to sustainability, quality and diversification will deliver more value both in economic and in social terms – and at a lower risk – for the world we live in and our shareholders.

Businesses that are wholly committed to sustainability, quality and diversification deliver more value both in economic and in social terms in the long run. And at a lower risk. That is why they are key to our strategy.


We invest in businesses that we believe have a unique business model. Their focus on sustainability and good stewardship enables them to achieve sustained, stable and above average profitability. We call this ‘sustainable quality’.



We buy bonds using a top-down strategy. We assess the ESG profile of each corporate and government bond, apply sustainability criteria and exclude businesses and countries that do not make the cut.

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LDI and interest overlay

Interest risk management and control are crucial for insurance companies, banks and pension funds. Interest risk is the biggest risk on the balance sheet for many institutional organisations.

LDI and interest overlay

Private debt

Difficult-to-trade investment products are illiquid. Everything that is not bricks and mortar, for example, or infrastructure. Such things cannot be easily made liquid. We invest in projects and businesses that want to expand, refinance, or become more sustainable.

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Dutch mortgages are a good investment for professional investors. They have a low risk profile and historically very low loan losses. As a result, they generate a stable and direct revenue stream for our clients.

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Structured products

We offer customised bond portfolios. Products that are selected by you, well diversified, of course, and structured on the basis of personal preferences and requirements, such as preferred annual revenue.

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Our property portfolios are open to institutional investors who are looking for stable capital growth. Institutional investors can participate in the four different funds.