Corporate and government bonds with a top-down strategy

The corporate and government bond market is not a fully efficient market. In order to benefit from these inefficiencies, you need a long term investment horizon. We apply a top-down investment strategy, in which the portfolio’s positioning and risk profile may show limited deviation from the benchmark.

First, we create a top-down vision of the market. This vision determines how much the portfolio may deviate from the benchmark and in what direction. Preferences for sectors, rating categories, positioning on the yield curve and/or regions are used to implement the vision. Internally developed risk models guarantee that the portfolios will remain within predefined risk limits.

Government bonds

We manage government bonds for various types of clients with various risk profiles, objectives and restrictions. We manage portfolios by linking sustainability to a strict risk policy, taking positions for prolonged periods. We take advantage of long term macroeconomic trends, inefficiencies on the yield curve and changing risk perceptions.

Corporate bonds

We also manage corporate bonds for various types of clients with various risk profiles, objectives and restrictions. We construct our portfolio as follows: We pursue a strict ESG policy, focus on the future and apply a top-down approach in determining and monitoring the level of risk.

Buy & Maintain (B&M)

B&M is a passive fixed income value strategy with a strong quantitative focus. The portfolio can be precisely tailored to the client’s requirements: e.g. risks and liabilities, but also ESG criteria. The purpose of B&M is to achieve the best possible return given the preferred risk and risk profile. The strategy has a long term focus. This limits transactions and related costs while also making it a cost-effective strategy.

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