Active ownership

Active ownership

01 July 2021 | 1 min. readingtime

Our responsibility as a shareholder

We take our shareholder role seriously. That is why we actively exercise our shareholder rights. We vote at shareholders’ meetings, and always vote in line with our Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) policy.

We aim to increase shareholder value and social return in the long run. We engage with the businesses we invest in. All these things together make our SRI policy the best one in the Netherlands, as shown by the VBDO Benchmark on Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands as well as our top position – again – in the Fair Insurance Guide.

How we vote

We focus on relevant environmental, social and governance practices that are in line with our SRI policy. If we detect any controversial practices, we will engage with the company. If this does not bring about positive changes, we will exclude the company from our investment portfolio. That is our responsibility as a shareholder. And we take it seriously.