Structured investments

Structured investments

Attractive returns to match investment objectives

Even when interest rates are low, higher returns can be achieved with limited additional risk. How? By using structured investments to meet client specific objectives.

Customisation by default. A smart selection of various fixed income instruments in order to generate optimal returns within the set parameters. Well diversified, of course, and structured on the basis of personal preferences and requirements. We add value by tapping into non-standard sources of return. Usually with a long term horizon. One such source is a liquidity premium. We limit risks through diversification and selection, across countries, sectors and debtors.

In addition, structured investments can also increase the investment portfolio’s sustainability. And they offer the possibility of including ‘impact’ investments with an appropriate risk profile.

How we select structured investments

Structured investments break down into three areas:

  1. Debt or bonds backed by a government body or multilateral institution. These are often investments making a transparent contribution to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’). Many of these investments have an attractive liquidity premium.
  2. Financing of major renewable energy projects on a pan-European scale. The focus here is largely on proven technologies such as wind and solar energy.
  3. Structured investments with a focus on high returns versus capital requirements under Solvency II for insurance companies.

Selecting and structuring these fixed income investments requires a specialised provider. A competent and stable financing partner for the long run. a.s.r. vermogensbeheer is up to the task.

This team can tell you everything about structured investments

Our team has extensive experience and expert knowledge. And has been working together for a long time. In addition, we have a large international network of partners and advisers. Indispensable for the management of our strategies.

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