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Private debt

Private debt

In addition to investing in property and mortgages, we have been investing in private debt of governments, local authorities and businesses for decades. These are illiquid investments. As this debt is not listed on any stock exchange, it cannot be easily sold.

An attractive asset class

Private debt is an attractive strategic asset class in our view, because of its favourable correlation with traditional asset classes such as equities, property and bonds. We mostly target the mid-market segment. Private debt of medium-sized companies offers attractive absolute and relative returns compared with publicly traded investment grade and high yield bonds with a similar risk profile.

The ASR Private Debt Fund I

This fund offers investors the opportunity to invest institutional capital in promising businesses and projects. Debt selection is carried out in collaboration with our banking partners and a.s.r.’s network of business relations. There are shared interests as a.s.r. co-invests in the fund and because our partners act as co-financiers. All investments are subjected to an extensive credit assessment and acceptance process at a.s.r. a.s.r.’s ESG criteria are part of the acceptance process and have been included in the fund’s investment policy.

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This team can tell you everything about private debt

The Alternative Fixed Income (AFI) team at a.s.r. is responsible for private debt investments. Selecting the best debt from a wide variety of businesses requires patience, experience and expertise. No wonder that the members of our AFI team each boast over 15 years of experience. Together they are responsible for managing over € 1 billion in debt.

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