a.s.r. since 2015 in hall of fame PAX

a.s.r. since 2015 in hall of fame PAX

31 July 2023 | 2 min. readingtime


Don't Bank on the Bomb: a.s.r. in hall of fame | PAX

Every year, peace organization PAX investigates the extent to which the international financial sector is involved in the financing of nuclear weapons. More than 100 financial institutions have now been identified having made policies to exclude nuclear weapon-related investments, as shown in the latest report "Moving Away from Mass Destruction: 109 exclusions of nuclear weapon producers", a Don't Bank on the Bomb report by PAX and ICAN a.s.r. expressly excludes arms producers and dealers in its investment policy.


a.s.r in hall of fame PAX since 2015

This research shows that more and more financial institutions are not involved in financing companies that are active in the production of nuclear weapons. The important drivers mentioned are the increasing integration of ESG criteria in investment policy, the entry into force of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and new regulations in the European Union to make the financial sector more sustainable. These financial institutions take their responsibility to end the financing of the companies that produce nuclear weapons, which pose a huge threat to people and the environment. The PAX report identifies 55 financial institutions that meet all nuclear weapons exclusion criteria and are listed in the Hall of Fame. In addition, 54 financial institutions are mentioned that almost meet these PAX criteria and have been included in the Runners-Up list. Once again a.s.r. included in the Hall of Fame by PAX because of the a.s.r. exclusion policy for nuclear weapons. See page 29 in the report via the download button below. a.s.r has been in the Hall of Fame since 2015.

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Marjolein Meulensteen

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Marjolein has been working on a sustainable a.s.r. for many years, and has been doing so for a.s.r. vermogensbeheer since 2018.

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