a.s.r. again leading as number one insurance company worldwide in ESG Risk Rating by Sustainalytics

16 September 2022 | 2 min. readingtime

Sustainalytics has proclaimed a.s.r. as most sustainable insurer worldwide as announced in September 2022, following the number one rating of a.s.r. in July 2021. With this score a.s.r. tops the list of the 291 insurers considered worldwide and ranks within the 1% most sustainable companies of all industries considered in the world.

Sustainalytics, a Morningstar company, measures how well a company manages its financially material ESG-risks (Environmental Social Governance), relative to peers. This gives the company an assessment of the ESG risks within individual companies.

a.s.r. within the 1% most sustainable companies worldwide

This assessment takes into account a.s.r.’s sustainability policy, how this policy is applied in practice and how it is integrated into the service provision. The approach to risks is also assessed, looking at both climate risks and, for example, risks related to data privacy and cybersecurity.

Sustainalytics classifies a company in a score category based on their ESG risk rating, ranging from; negligible, to low, medium, high and severe risk. Each company taken into account receives an average rating ranging from 0 to 100, whereby the lowest score stands for the best rating (“negligible risk”), meaning the lowest ESG risk.

According to Sustainalytics, a.s.r. has a negligible risk for several ESG criteria relevant to insurers, including Data Privacy and Security, Human Capital Issues, Business Ethics and the integration of ESG in insurance products and the managed investment offering. Only two of the 291 insurers covered worldwide received such an outstanding rating in the September update of 2022.

For more information on the rating of Sustainalytics: ESG rating a.s.r. by Sustainalytics.

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