a.s.r. again frontrunner in the Fair Insurance Guide

a.s.r. again frontrunner in the Fair Insurance Guide

24 January 2020 | 2 min. readingtime

In the comparison of insurers’ investment policies by the Fair Insurance Guide (Eerlijke Verzekeringswijzer), a.s.r. is once again ranked number 1, with the highest scores on 7 out of 9 themes and 8 out of 10 sectors. In the Housing and Real Estate theme, a.s.r. even went from a 5 to a 9.

Since 2013, the Fair Insurance Guide has examined the investment policies of insurers on a number of sustainability criteria. Since 2014, a.s.r. has held first place. Also in this new study, a.s.r. remains the frontrunner.  

a.s.r.’s investment policy scores a 10 on the themes Labour Rights and Human Rights and in the sectors Food and Weapons. The sustainable investment policy of a.s.r. is tightened on an ongoing basis, which has also been specifically emphasised by the analysts. This can be seen, among other things, in the large increase from 5 to 9 points on the Housing and Real Estate theme, which is largely due to the steps we have taken in the mortgage portfolio, such as stimulating energy savings and providing green mortgage financing. 

The Fair Insurance Guide examines two things: what have insurers laid down in their policies about investments and how do they put this into practice? At www.eerlijkeverzekeringswijzer.nl (in Dutch) consumers can compare the scores of insurers on nine themes (such as Labour Rights, Corruption and Nature) and 10 sectors (including Mining, Food and Weapons).

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