Report ESG 2nd quarter 2022

Report ESG 2nd quarter 2022

26 July 2022 | 2 min. readingtime


Report ESG 2nd quarter 2022

Sustainable or “green” investing has recently become more popular than the traditional way of investing, with assets managed in ESG-tagged funds worth nearly $2.7 trillion. But green certifications also get blown up sometimes. On June 1, DWS's Chief Executive was forced to resign after allegations of misleading investors with "green investments." European and US financial regulators in particular have increasingly uncovered cases of greenwashing by asset managers.

The definition of 'greenwashing', according to the Corporate Finance Institute, is described as 'when management within an organization makes false, unsubstantiated or downright misleading inaccuracies or claims about the sustainability of a product or service, or even about business and operations in general. '. You would think that greenwashing is easier to identify these days due to all the standards and regulations that are under development. At a.s.r. we support the need for financial regulators to place greater emphasis on sustainability reporting and claims.

We also believe that current developments in ESG reporting will lead to better disclosures to companies and greater transparency, which we believe is very important due to the reliance of various stakeholders on the actions of financial institutions.

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