a.s.r. expands mortgage proposition with partnership bunq

22 December 2020 | 2 min. readingtime

In December 2020, a.s.r. asset management expanded its cooperation with bunq, which already consists of the management of a bond portfolio. Internet bank bunq took its first steps in the mortgage market earlier this year. Today both parties announce that a.s.r. asset management has provided a mortgage portfolio of EUR 300 million to bunq. It concerns a portfolio of different types of mortgages, both NHG and non-NHG, and is a representative reflection of the a.s.r. mortgage portfolio.

The mortgage portfolio provided to bunq consists of 65% NHG mortgages and 35% non-NHG. a.s.r. is responsible for the selection and management of the mortgages and provides customization.

The collaboration between bunq and a.s.r. is based on a.s.r.'s strong track record in the field of providing and managing mortgages on the Dutch market. In total, a.s.r. more than EUR 17 billion in mortgages, both for the balance sheet of a.s.r. as well as for institutional investors.

Jack Julicher, CEO of a.s.r. asset management: ‘We are excited to further expand our existing partnership with bunq with a mortgage product. It confirms our strong position in the Dutch mortgage market and shows the assets and dedication of a.s.r. to deliver relevant investment solutions to our clients.’

Ali Niknam, CEO and founder of bunq: ‘Our users indicated that they wanted to help others in obtaining a home. We listened to this and started investing in mortgages. Today I am proud to announce that we are performing at full speed and that, among other things, through the new collaboration with a.s.r. more than 400 percent managed to grow.’

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