January 2021: it can freeze, it can thaw

January 2021: it can freeze, it can thaw

08 February 2021 | 1 min. readingtime

a.s.r. vermogensbeheer has a three-member Management Board consisting of CEO (also CIO) Jack Julicher, CCO Marco Lavooi and COO Wilma Schouten. They were appointed by the general meeting of shareholders. The board members are registered as such with the Chamber of Commerce. The management team consists of the Management Board and CFRO Nico van den Heuvel.

"However, towards the end of the month there was a turning point"

Iwan Peters Senior Investment Strategist

The positive equity market trend of recent months initially continued unabated in January 2021, until a turn-around set in towards the end of the month. European equities finally ended the month at a minor loss of -0.7% for the MSCI Europe index. US equities performed fairly similarly on balance, but the US dollar’s appreciation of over 1% against the euro in January pushed the MSCI North America index just in the black, with a monthly yield of +0.2%. Mainly thanks to the good performance of Asian equities (MSCI Asia Pacific index +3.2% in January), the MSCI World Developed Markets index also recorded a modestly positive monthly yield of +0.2% in euros.

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Iwan Peters

Senior investment strategist

As an investment strategist, Iwan focuses on financial market analysis from a macroeconomic perspective, tactical asset allocation and economic scenario analysis.

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