August 2022: 'camping rally' nipped in the bud

August 2022: 'camping rally' nipped in the bud

07 September 2022 | 1 min. readingtime


Marketupdate August 2022

After a strong, but short-lived recovery in July, the financial markets in August on balance returned to the same picture as in the first half of 2022: rising interest rates and falling share prices.

On the stock exchanges, after a disastrous first half of the year, the price recovery actually lasted not one but two months: from mid-June to mid-August. This was almost like an old-fashioned 'camping rally'. Unfortunately, in the second half of August, that rally was not only short-lived, but also nowhere near strong enough to make up for the losses of the first half. After a price increase of almost 10% in July, the MSCI World Developed Markets index fell again on balance by 2% in August, so that the price loss for the whole of 2022 is still around 7.5%. It should be noted that there were differences at regional level.

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