Podcast: what to expect in 2023?

Podcast: what to expect in 2023?

20 December 2022 | 1 min. readingtime

In our podcast series ‘Stewards of the Future’, experts from within and outside the a.s.r. organisation talk about an array of subjects and asset classes for institutional investing. Presenter and podcast creator Tom Jessen hosts the podcast.

Various crises are having a major impact on our economy and on the world of institutional investors. How to make plans for the future based on what we know today? Tom talks to Anne Marie Munnik (CFA Society VBA Netherlands) and Raphie Hayat (a.s.r.) about strategy and expectations for 2023.

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This is an image of Raphie Hayat.

Raphie Hayat

Senior investment strategist

Raphie has a PhD in economic sciences and is an investment strategist at a.s.r. vermogensbeheer who writes about the interface between macroeconomics and financial markets.

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