Podcast: sustainable investing in Private Debt

Podcast: sustainable investing in Private Debt

08 December 2022 | 1 min. readingtime

In our podcast series ‘Stewards of the Future’, experts from within and outside the a.s.r. organisation talk about an array of subjects and asset classes for institutional investing. Presenter and podcast creator Tom Jessen hosts the podcast.

For institutional investors with a long horizon, illiquid assets are an interesting investment option. Private debt is an asset class that generally comes with sound returns and limited interest risks and adds diversification to the investment portfolio, an aspect hotly pursued by insurance companies and pension funds. In this episode, Tom talks to Michel Diemeer and Wee Mien Cheung about the ins & outs of private debt.

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This is an image of Michel Diemeer.

Michel Diemeer

Head of private loans

Michel is an expert on the tax and legal aspects of private debt and special servicing.

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